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Synagogue Requests Donations


Dear Traders!

Now is a good time to get cash deduction on barter dollars contributions and help a worthy cause.

As we begin our 5nd year in our new building serving the Russian Jewish community, I am appealing to you today to give generously to our ongoing effort to maintain our food pantry.  This is an extremely challenging year when we have less funds available to us and a much greater need.

For a full twelve years, our food pantry has been open every Thursday helping hundreds of Jewish families to have good nutritious meals.  With the support of the Hunger Task Force, Second Harvest and your generous contributions, our community can always rely on us in their time of need.

Your barter dollars (we deal with most currencies) are helping us to pay for many things, that otherwise would be out of reach.

Rabbi Alexander Milchtein
Phone 414-332-3235

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